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Difficult Times Ahead!
Just came back from lunch, watching news during lunch is a bad idea after all. All the news channels were showing just one thing - Price hike in LPG, Petrol and Diesel. LPG rises by INR 50 and Petrol by 5. Now I don't have a car and such, so I am not directly hit by petrol price rise but indirectly, I am hit big time. Prices of food and pulses have already shot up since 2 months or so. They are going to hit the roof now if they haven't already. I am sure now auto rickshaw and taxi fares would increase now. Considering that, it is awesomely unbearable hot here in Panvel/Mumbai at the moment and we will soon move to rainy season and we get little too much rain ( for my taste atleast ), using rickshaws is almost inevitable for distances which are not walkable in this heat or in stupidly heavy rains that we get here, its going to hurt, the day they increase the fares.

Worst hit is the LPG price, which is most middle class households use in this country. I remember my family using LPG cylinders since 1986 or earlier, back when we lived in Damonjodi, Orissa. But I have seen the use of electric heater at my home but that was just around the same time when we were phasing those out and replacing those with the LPG stoves. We used to have a Kerosene stove but I don't remember using it much. But in my native place, Kanpur, we still have those pressure stoves and have seen my family use it in case of emergency and such. Actually, many years back in Kanpur and Krishanagar ( my Mom's place ), I have seen my late grandmothers use "coal" chulla ( stoves ) as well. The smell of burning coal still lingers in my memories.

But anyway, if there is no rollback, which is highly unlikely, its going to be hard on me, my family and few million others in my country. The political parties are already into their blame game politics and the allied parties ( *cough* left parties *cough* ) are blaming the ruling Congress for all this? And want a roll back. This is usual politics. Its widely known that BP and IOC - the two largest oil companies have already announced that they have cash only for next 2-3 months if the prices were not reviewed since the last price hike by OPEC countries and as a result they were suffering huge losses daily. How much can the government subsidise anyway?

What can I say? Just cross my fingers and sit tight, hoping against hope.

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